How to Alleviate Staffing Challenges with Automation

By Hudson Schertz

Revenue cycle management (RCM) provider Strivant Health traditionally relied on teams of medical coders to manually process 700,000 charts per year. However, staffing challenges made it difficult to maintain a consistent coding workflow and accelerate payment cycles for clients.

As part of its focus on continuous improvement, Strivant selected Nym to automate its medical coding process, enabling them to consistently meet coding turnaround time and maintain key performance indicators.

Now, as staffing shortages reach an all-time high, healthcare organizations are following Strivant’s lead and turning to automation to alleviate the administrative burden placed on staff and improve revenue cycle performance.

To help guide these organizations, Brenda Erley, CDEO, CPC, CCS-P, CPB, Director of Front and Middle RCM Services at Strivant, recently spoke with Healthleaders on how to most effectively leverage automation in RCM.

“Investing in AI and bots to assist wherever an organization can is paramount to streamlining an organization's revenue cycle management operations,” said Brenda. “This can help to alleviate the repetitive day-to-day tasks so team members can focus their energy and attention on more crucial revenue cycle operations.”

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